Denmark Manor 
United Church of Christ
2003 Denmark Manor Road
Export, PA  15632

Pastor Meredith Hutchinson Welcomes You

Welcome to Denmark Manor United Church of Christ, a church gathered, growing and going in the name of Jesus Christ.  We are so glad that you have visited our web site.  You can also connect with our virtual church on Facebook for some daily inspiration and updates on events.   Denmark Manor Facebook page link

The Internet is great, but there is nothing like a personal connection, so we hope that you will come and meet us.  If you are seeking a place to  belong, a place where you can walk the spiritual path, our congregation will journey with you.  As a supportive and caring community we can offer a place where you can worship God, pray and be prayed for, learn, find inspiration and fun and make connections with other people. Denmark Manor is a place where You can personally know me and I can personally know you.

Come and get to know Denmark Manor, a congregation that has a 203 year history, yet lives for today and into the future.  Celebrate the sacraments of  baptism and monthly communion where all who wish to be in community with Jesus Christ are welcome. Come and hear our choir, or be a part of this ensemble and share your talent.  Enjoy our young people with their wisdom inspired by older generations.  Be part of a learning community through Sunday school or our Pastor-led Saturday morning  Bible study group that meets at the Murrysville Panera.  Join in our ministry and mission making a difference in the world. 

Always remember that no matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you ARE welcome here!

To get to Denmark Manor, enter 2003 Denmark Manor Rd., Export, PA into your GPS or follow this link for Directions.

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Our Pastor, Donald C. Watkins

Dear Denmark Manor Family,

What a challenging time it is! The Pandemic, extreme weather conditions, political unrest, and violence that seems to have touched our nation from one shoreline to the other! It seems as if nothing has remained consistent, stable, or reassuring. Know that one thing, however, has remained consistent, stable and reassuring- God! God is right where he has always been. It is we who have lost our focus.

We CAN change one thing, and that is how we handle these challenges. God remains in charge and our steadfast foundation. It is we who have succumbed to our fear and panic and turned inward to ourselves, rather than reaching outward to God for help.

I am asking you to do something for yourselves and for all of us. Commit yourself to set aside 10 minutes out of each day for prayer. Do this wherever and whenever you would like. In that 10 minutes I would like you to enter into a conversation with God. Pray for your family, pray for your church family. Pray for your friends, pray for your enemies. Pray for your neighbors, pray for those whom you don’t know. Pray for the sick, pray for the well. Pray for the world, pray for everything that you can. Pray that God stands within your life and guides you through your life. Pray like you have never prayed before. And as you do, remember prayer works! But you have to do it, and do it every day. Jesus Christ is right there with you, just reach out and take His hand. I promise you, it will feel really good, and it will be fruitful! It’s what our world needs!

It is my privilege and honor to serve you. We will not fail if we remain steadfast in our mission as directed through our sacred leader, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. As we open ourselves to God for guidance, and we grasp the hand or our Savior, we cannot and will not fail. Focus yourselves upon God’s world, and your world will be as God intends it to be. That is the world that I want to be part of. Listen closely. God is still speaking! We remain a star shining proudly upon our hill! May Denmark Manor United Church of Christ continue to shine boldly, brightly and safely.

Through the Love of Christ,

Pastor Don

Our Administrative Assistant, Cathy Higgins
 I believe there are many reasons I love my job at Denmark Manor. The biggest reason is that it allows me to serve God and the wonderful people of this church at the same time. This church is truly a family, and it's my honor to be a part of it.
Our Music Director, Cammy Young
Reverend David Ackerman
Our Penn West Conference Minister