Denmark Manor 
United Church of Christ
2003 Denmark Manor Road
Export, PA  15632

March 24, 2017
April and Lent at Denmark Manor
United Church of Christ
We meet Wednesday, April 5, here at
Manor, beginning with dinner at 6:30PM
and discussion and
worship at 7:30PM.
The focus will be “Where Do We Go from
We will conclude with worship and
the Rev. David
Ackerman - Penn West Conference Minister,
preaching and officiating
at Communion.
ALL ARE WELCOME! Please call 724-744-4218 if you are not a member but would like to attend.

On Palm Sunday (April 9)
we will hear
the Passion Story
as told in the Gospel of Matthew.
This is a beautiful service in
which the Congregation Members
participate. Enjoy the Easter Story
by joining us at 11AM on
Sunday, April 9.


During Holy Week,
we celebrate
Maundy Thursday with a

simple meal of soup
and bread at 6:30PM.

This is
followed by communion in the
Fellowship Hall and a
silent procession
into the Sanctuary for a
Tenebrae Service
of light and darkness.

Easter Sunday is April 16
Please spread the word that

there will only be ONE service
and it will be at 10AM.

Beef Dinner - Saturday,
April 29, 4-7PM

see the registration form
on our Home Page (below) or call 724-744-4218
Denmark Manor
Hoss's Day,
All Day Sunday, April 30
at the Hoss's in Murrysville.
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Hilltop Echoes on our Home Page (below)

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We cordially invite you to our
Delicious Beef Dinner on Sat., April 29 . . .
Just print out the pdf below and send with your check, or call the Church Office at 724-744-4218. We serve over 500 people, and thank our faithful patrons who enjoy the dinners each year. 
Special Thanks to our Volunteers!
See enjoying Our Denmark Manor Dinners below . . . 
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Electronic Giving (e-Giving)

Our church now offers electronic giving or e-giving,
either through bank transfer of funds, or through your credit card. If you wish to sign up today, you may call the office for an authorization Form, or print the form below and return it to the church in the envelope provided.

You do NOT have to give electronically. We still accept cash and checks! We offer electronic giving for the convenience of those who pay many of their bills though automatic withdrawal or by credit card.

You may click & complete the Printable Form below if you wish to participate in our electronic giving program. Your private information is kept confidential and not shared. Please see the QR code to the upper left on this page for mobile devices.

If you become an e-giver and still want to put something in the offering plate, there are cards in the pews that you may use, which say: Part of my worship is giving back to God-with joy and gratitude-from all that I have received. I have already given for this period, so today I celebrate this commitment, using this card as a reminder of my act of giving.

Thank you for thinking of Denmark Manor United Church of Christ.

Sunday Worship Schedule

September - May


Our Worship time is 11:00AM

Sunday School begins at 9:45AM before Worship. If you have a young child whom you would like to introduce to God, please consider our 

Little Disciples program which meets

 on Sunday Mornings - just contact 

Pastor Meredith at 724-744-4218 for details.

June - August
Worship is at 10:00 AM


In case of bad weather and cancellation of worship, we will be listed on WPXI (Channel 11) TV or at as well as on the WPXI Weather App.

The History of Denmark Manor Church
has sold out. The updated order form for our second printing, now available, is below - just open the pdf, print, complete and 
mail with your check.
You may also call 724-744-7257 for phone ordering.

A Visit from our partner Church 
in the Philippines - 
on Sunday, June 12, we will worship 
at Hills Church 
(formerly Emmanuel Reformed UCC) 
3618 Hills Church Road, Export, PA 15632 
and celebrate our Philippine Partnership.  Worship is at 10:15AM. We will meet our guests from the Northwest Luzon Conference of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines.  There will also be a Filipino choir and singers are invited to join the choir at Hill’s for their anthem as well.  If you are singing, please bring a choir robe and be ready to practice at 9:30AM.


This will be followed by a picnic potluck reception, so please bring a dish to pass with you.  We hope that this can be a wonderful joint celebration of worship and fellowship.  

We Celebrated a Birthday Party 

for Malek Said, 

the Palestinian Child whom we sponsor 

through our Sunday School.

On May 15 
in the Fellowship Hall

We celebrated with a covered dish lunch, and brought our pennies to help him with school costs  -  the large penny jar was filled, thanks to the generosity of our congregation! Malek will be 7 years old. See photos below.

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Our Welcome Sign: "God is still speaking." Because He still speaks, no matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here. Read more below at "From the Pastor's Pen". Photo courtesy Allen Mattei

From the Pastor's Pen . . . 

Recently we had a discussion in Consistory about the banner/sign that sits on the front lawn of the church.  Over the winter the consistory had voted to replace it because it looks worn and dingy, and when I went to United Church Resources to purchase a new one, I got a price and shared it and got approval to make the

purchase.  I waited until the nice weather (truthfully the note to order a new sign got buried on my desk beneath Lent and Easter tasks)  and when I finally got around to ordering the sign, found out that the banner was no longer in stock.  However, the lovely customer service associate told me that the sign could be duplicated as a custom made banner by company who had permission to do so. Problem was, the custom banner cost an extra $100.


The discussion about the banner/sign has been an interesting one.  Should we spend the extra $100 and also replace the backing on the banner, or should we take it down altogether?  We didn’t want to leave it as is because it really looks worn and dingy and we are anything but a worn and dingy congregation. 


The sign declares the statement that I make every Sunday as an introduction to worship, which is a quote from the United Church of Christ Still Speaking Identity Campaign,  “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey you are welcome.”  Now, lots of churches have on their signboards the “all are welcome”, but do they really mean it?  Are persons of color welcome, or if the  congregation is an ethnic church, are persons of a different ethnicity welcome?  Are people of a different economic strata welcome or are persons of differing sexual orientations welcome?  Are unmarried partners of the same or different genders welcome or are people who are divorced or never married welcome?


I came into the UCC from another faith tradition as a young adult with a lot of questions about my faith and as a skeptic about the person of Jesus.  I went to that Church, St. Luke’s UCC in Auburn, NY,  just to sing in the choir. I told them not to ask me to do anything else.  I was pretty snotty about it, yet they didn’t kick me out.  I was on a journey, probably different from many of the older people in that congregation, yet I felt overwhelmingly welcome, and it was that welcome that opened up my heart to hear God’s voice call me to go to seminary.


No matter who you are-what you look like, what you smell like, how much money you have, your gender, personal preferences, perspective on life, problems or lack there-of, you are welcome. No matter where you are on life’s journey-your age, your faith perspective, the births you’ve know or the losses that you’ve had, your relationship with Jesus or lack there-of, you are welcome.

In our conversations about the sign, one of our elders brought out the fact that as a progressive congregation, as witnesses of a faith that is not dogmatic but still rooted in the love of Christ, we hold a unique position in the community in which we dwell.  In our congregation, we do not require anyone to sign off on a particular issue of faith or politics.  We allow for diversity and in fact celebrate it.  That is significant.

Maybe it’s significant enough to spend the extra $100 to make the declaration that we try, sometimes successfully, to live into the proclamation that “No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome.”

I teach at the Penn West Academy, which is the place where licensed and commissioned ministers in our Penn West Conference are trained.  One of the assignments that I gave my class this past year was:  Look up Core Values on the UCC website.  The first paragraph lifts up the three distinct core values of the United Church of Christ.  In as many words as you need to use, address these and how these apply to you and the ministry that you are about right now. 

The Core Values adopted by the United Church of Christ are, God’s continuing testament, extending an extravagant welcome, and the many ways the UCC is changing lives.

We believe that God is still speaking to us and through us, which is the continuing testament given to us by Jesus who commanded us to be his witnesses. We believe  that our welcome is to be like that of the father of the Prodigal Son offering the fatted calf to those who come to us no matter where they are on life’s journey. 

Finally, we believe that our mission is to make a difference in the lives of others as did Jesus and his followers-so much of a difference that we actually change their lives.

I believe that Denmark Manor lives out these Core Values, and perhaps the banner is a sign of our affirmation that we are unique in what we offer to this community and to the world.

Pastor Meredith

Pavilion Photos

Saturday Morning Bible Study
9:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Panera Bread in Murrysville
We meet at 9:00 AM on Saturday mornings at the Panera Bread Restaurant in Murrysville.  We can always find a way to squeeze in a new member, and no previous biblical knowledge is required.       This morning bible study group is led by Pastor Meredith Hutchison.  It's not a problem if you can't make it every week, just come when you can and bring a friend, everyone is welcome!  The Saturday morning Bible Study is year round. 

A continued schedule is in each bulletin, every week - see "This Week's Bulletin" at the top right of our home page.

Thank You for your Service and Sacrifice 
for our freedoms; 
we know that you have paid the price 
for what we could not. 
God Bless our United States Army, Air Force, 
Coast Guard, Navy and Marines, 
and all military and support personnel, 
especially those in harm's way. 
God's Peace, beyond all understanding, 
to our Veterans who have entered eternal life.

The UCC has 45 chaplains on active duty, in the National Guard and with the U.S. Army Reserves. There are also five seminarians preparing for military chaplaincy in the Army and Navy, and there two UCC chaplains deployed to Afghanistan and two on assignment in Europe. While the UCC ordains those chaplains, they are able to pastor to a variety of faiths within their military unit, while also conducting themselves as commissioned officers. Written by Anthony Moujaes  (see at:

- - - - 

Panorama view of the
Denmark Manor Church
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